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Clear browser data

When you use your phone's internet browser, various data is stored temporarily in the browser memory, such as cache and cookies. If you have problems loading web pages, deleting this data may help. Follow these instructions to clear browser data.

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Find "Cache Operations"
Press the Menu key.
Scroll to Browser and press the Navigation key.
Press the Menu key.
Scroll to Options and press the Navigation key.
Scroll to Cache Operations and press the Navigation key.
Clear cache
Scroll to Clear below Content Cache and press the Navigation key.
The cache is a memory which is used to save data temporarily. A copy of the web pages you've visited is saved in the cache. The next time you visit a previously visited web page, your phone retrieves data from the cache which speeds up the load time.
Delete cookies
Scroll to Clear below Cookie Cache and press the Navigation key.
A cookie is data saved by a web page in the phone memory. The data can be login information or other information about the choices you've made on a web page. Cookies allow the provider to adjust the contents of the web page to your preferences.
Press Disconnect to return to standby mode.
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