BlackBerry Bold 9900

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Basic use

Read email messages

Follow these instructions to find and read email messages in your inbox.

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Open inbox
Press the Menu key twice.
Press the required email account.
Retrieve email messages
Press the Menu key.
Press Reconcile Now.
Read email message
Press the required email message to read it.
Select action
You have a number of options when you've read the email message.
Choose one of the following options:
Reply to email message, go to 4a.
Forward email message, go to 4b.
Delete email message, go to 4c.
4a - Reply to email message
Press the Menu key.
Press Reply.
Write your email message.
Press the Menu key.
Press Send.
4b - Forward email message
Press the Menu key.
Press Forward.
Press To.
Key in the first letters of the required contact.
Matching contacts are displayed.
Press the required contact.
Press the Menu key.
Press Send.
4c - Delete email message
Press the Menu key.
Press Delete.
To keep a copy on the server:
Press On Handheld.
To delete the email message from the server:
Press On Mailbox & Handheld.
Press Disconnect.
Press the Return key to return to standby mode.
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