Huawei Ultra low stick K3771/Snow Leopard

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Top up data

You can top up data using the USB modem application (Vodafone Mobile Broadband). Follow these instructions to top up data.
To use this service, you need to be on a pay as you go price plan.

To top up data, you need to select a price plan type. Click here for information on how to select a price plan type.

Just so you know...

Please select the red text to see instructional images.

Find "Pay as you go"
Click Pay as you go.
Select option
Select one of the following options:
Check balance, go to 2a.
Log on to account, go to 2b.
Voucher top-up, go to 2c.
Debit/credit card top-up, go to 2d.
Buy data add on, go to 2e.
2a - Check balance
Click Balance check.
Your balance is displayed.
2b - Log on to account
Click My Account.
Follow the instructions on the screen to log on to your account.
2c - Voucher top-up
Click Voucher top-up.
Follow the instructions on the screen to turn on your voucher.
2d - Debit/credit card top-up
Click Debit/Credit card top-up.
Follow the instructions on the screen to top up data.
2e - Buy data add on
Click Buy Data Add on.
Highlight one of the following options:
Click the box next to Confirm you want to buy a data Add-on to turn on the setting.
When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the setting is turned on.
Click Buy.
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