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Follow these instructions to use the camera.

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Turn on the camera
Press the menu icon.
Press Camera.
Take a picture
To turn on the flash:
Press the flash icon.
Press Fill flash.
To zoom in and out:
Press the upper or lower part of the Volume key.
Point the camera lens at the required object.
Press the camera icon to take the picture.
The picture is saved automatically.
Select option
You have a number of other options when taking pictures using your phone's camera.
Select one of the following options:
Select resolution, go to 3a.
Select scene mode, go to 3b
Turn geotagging on or off, go to 3c.
Select memory, go to 3d.
3a - Select resolution
Press the settings icon.
Press Resolution.
Press the required setting.
3b - Select scene mode
Press the camera mode icon.
Press Scene selection.
Press the required setting.
3c - Turn geotagging on or off
Press the settings icon.
Press Geotagging.
Press On or Off.
Before you can turn geotagging on or off, you need to turn on GPS. Click here for information on how to turn on GPS.
3d - Select memory
Press the settings icon.
Press Data storage.
Press Internal storage or SD card.
SD card is only available if you've inserted a memory card. Click here for information on how to insert a memory card.
Press the home icon to return to standby mode.
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